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Mr. Hans Tiki Bar: Embrace the Paradise of San Andrés

Mr. Hans Tiki Bar, Colombia

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San Andrés, Colombia
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At Mr. Hans Tiki Bar, we invite you to embark on a magical and exhilarating journey to a tropical paradise. From the moment you set foot on our floating oasis, you'll be transported into a world of relaxation and joy, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and a vibrant atmosphere.


As the sea breeze caresses your face, indulge in a refreshing tropical cocktail and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of San Andrés. The soothing sounds of the waves, complemented by background music, create the perfect ambiance to disconnect and relish a unique experience.


Yet, what truly sets Mr. Hans Tiki Bar apart is the sense of freedom you'll experience as you gently sway on the sea. It's a unique and exhilarating adventure that you won't want to miss. If you're seeking a place where you can unwind, savor refreshing beverages, and live a one-of-a-kind experience on the island of San Andrés, Mr. Hans Tiki Bar is the perfect destination for you.


We aim to provide you with the best experience and service, a place where you can embrace the sea and adventure—a unique and distinct space that you must not miss.

From $120.000

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Welcome to the paradise of Mr. Hans Tiki Bar, a floating oasis.
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Important information

  • Outdoor
  • Contact and/or sighting of animals
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Well-being and relaxation
Activity level
  • Slight
  • Moderate
Included services
  • Local guide
  • 2 to 4 hours
  • Noon
  • All day
  • less than 2 hours
Working day
  • Tomorrow
  • Late


Arrival at the floating bar: Once you arrive at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar, you can enjoy a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere surrounded by the crystalline sea of ​​San Andrés. Take the opportunity to take some photos and familiarize yourself with the place.
Order a drink: You can't visit Mr. Hans Tiki Bar without trying one of their tropical cocktails. Order a refreshing drink and enjoy the atmosphere and view.
Water Activities: If you're a fan of snorkeling or paddling a paddle board, Mr. Hans Tiki Bar offers equipment for rent. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the San Andrés Sea and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.
Relaxation: If you are just looking to relax and enjoy the view, you can sit at one of the tables or chairs in the water and enjoy the sun, the breeze and the sound of the sea.
Sunset: You can't miss the sunset view from Mr. Hans Tiki Bar. It's the perfect time to take some photos and enjoy the magic of the moment.

FAQs about
Mr. Hans Tiki Bar: Embrace the Paradise of San Andrés

What are the signature tropical cocktails to try at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar?

We recommend indulging in our famous tropical cocktails made with fresh, local fruits. Don't miss the Coco Loco or the Passion Fruit Mojito.

What kind of views can I expect at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar?

From Mr. Hans Tiki Bar, you can savor spectacular views of the sea and the San Andrés coastline. Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and relax while you watch the sunset.

How can I protect myself from the sun while at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar?

The sun in San Andrés can be intense, so be sure to shield yourself with sunscreen and wear a hat or cap to cover your head.

Can I go snorkeling at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar?

Absolutely! If you're a snorkeling enthusiast, you can rent the equipment at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar and explore the crystal-clear waters of San Andrés.

Is paddleboarding available at Mr. Hans Tiki Bar?

Yes, if you're looking for a more active experience, you can rent a paddleboard and paddle your way through the sea.

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